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Getting a website for yourself or your business does not need to be a scary task. We take the time to communicate with our customers and break down all the technical jargon into relatable and understandable concepts. When the project is over, we are still around to help support and maintain your website through the years. Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our customers.  


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The Necessary Side of Websites

There are several necessary items that every website must have to form a solid foundation. It starts with a good name (domain names & hosting). Next, we have to build it so they will come (website design). Once the website is built it needs to be kept running efficiently (maintenance & updates).

Website Design

Website designs are created to incorporate a smooth user experience. Every design is mobile responsive so that it looks good on a computer and as well as a tablet or phone.

Maintenance & Updates

After your website goes live, it’s now time to keep it running smoothly with a Customer Care plan. Each plan includes software updates and limited support time for updates and changes to your website over the coming years.

Domain Names & Web Hosting

Every great website starts with a great name. Begin your domain name search over at Silver Knight Domains. They also have Web Hosting, SSL Certificates, Website Security, Website Backup, and Email.

The Creative Side of Websites

Starting with solid website design is only half the story. People need to be able to find a website (SEO). People need to be kept update on new products and announcements (email marketing). You want to make an impression with a brand they can easily recognize (logo design).

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Having a website is no good if people can not find your content. Each page of your website is assigned its own keyword phrase. All pages are optimized to include major SEO criteria that search engines use when indexing web pages.

Email marketing

Stay connected with your customer via Email Marketing. We help you build campaigns, show you reports on how people are viewing and interacting with your newsletters so you can make informed business decisions. 

Logo design

Your logo will set you apart from your competition. We can take your sketches for a logo or you can give us creative control on how to establish a brand for your business. 

Our Process


During our initial consultation, we define the purpose of the website. We discuss commitment and budget. We get clarity on the message and content for the website.


Once all of the content for the website is received, the design work begins. A visual mockup is created for how the website is going to look.


When the designs are approved the website construction begins. The actual content and images are placed on the website. All features and functions are created, added, and configured for the website.


The final checklist is completed. The site is made live on the web. A training session is conducted on how to access the website. At this point, the Website Care Plan begins, to maintain and backup the website.

Joan Shaver

“Silver Knight Solutions is the perfect partner for anyone who needs to get their website up and running as well as maintained and professionally developed. I can only say good things about the responsive manner in which my creative vision and business account have been handled. From the smallest detail to the larger concepts support is always available. Out of five stars, I give Silver Knight Solutions six.”

Joan Shaver, LMFT

Wonder of Women

Tom Carroll

“We’ve just finished our phone call – and I want to say again how great it is to work with you. Karen and I had previously experienced a variety of web development “Professionals” each of whom were expensive, hair pulling, disappointments.

You, by comparison, know what you are doing – get it done quickly and are easy to communicate with – even for someone like me who is on the vertical climb of the learning curve.

You are making a pleasant experience out of what could have been a very miserable process.

So, One more time… Thank You!”

Tom Carroll

Author, Sacred Space

Marisha Schmidt M.A.

“Greg was instrumental in helping me transition from a career as a full-time professor to being self-employed after my department closed. Coming from academia I felt confident in my skill set, but not in how to share it with others to create a community of classes. Not only did he help with all aspects of creating a website; but also the little details of business accounts, e-mail addresses, a PO box, and why having an LLC is important. Above all though, is his gift of patience and kindness. Not only had my career ended, but I was losing my only parent to cancer. He was compassionate and understanding when I just wanted to give up or didn’t understand the world of websites. He was always available when I had questions or needed to make changes. Five-star quality and care!”

Marisha Fortner-Schmidt M.A.

Health Coach

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