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Business owners are busy and your time is valuable. Silver Knight Solutions provides the services necessary to get you started quickly with your new Email Marketing account. Silver Knight Solution can assist in the beginning, middle, or all throughout your Email Marketing campaigns.


List of Email Marketing Services Available

Email Marketing - LaptopDifferent services can be combined to get package discounts. Details of each service can be found below.

  • Account Setup
  • Website Match (create a template to match the look of your website)
  • Pop-up Email Capture (WordPress websites only)
  • Campaign Execution (Sending of Newsletters)
  • Campaign Support & Training (3 months support, & 2 hour one-on-one training)
  • Campaign Support & Training Lite (1 month support & hour one-on-one training)
  • Customized Template & Branding (Custom email Template)
  • Account & List Management to help segment emails into different types of lists


Account Setup

Account Setup and SendThis service does all of the initial setup so you can start capturing emails to later send Newsletters. Below is a listing of the different components that are configured/setup.

  • Upload existing contact lists (if available)
  • Create New email list(s) to segment different clients
  • Create email sign-up link
  • Create email sign-up form for your website (Pop-Up forms are separate)
  • Create “Change of Interest”/”Update” profile emails to confirm communication changes
  • Create “Forward to a Friend” emails
  • Create “Welcome Letter” for new registrants
  • Create “Thank You” message
  • Create Autoresponder and schedule to be sent out “x” days after registration (not available in “Basic” package. “Essential” and “Ultimatge packages include Autoresponders)
  • Create Social Share connections
  • Upload Logo (If no logo then a Text Logo will be created with the Name to call your Newsletter)
  • Setup “Send Text to Register for Newsletter” functionality
  • Setup “QR code to Register for Newsletter” functionality
  • Give guidance on setting up “Newsletter Signup in Facebook”
  • Test that all sign-up forms, follow-up emails, messages, and confirmations are working.


Website Match Newsletter Template

Newsletter TemplateThis service will modify a template to match your websites colors. Your website is submitted and based on its colors, logos, and branding it is applied to a newsletter template. Once the template is completed it is added to your account for you to use anytime you want.

  • Select appropriate stock template
  • Customize email campaign format using the following:
    • Colors
    • Branding
    • Logos
    • URL’s


Pop-up Email Plugin Software & Setup (WordPress Websites Only)

The Pop-up Email Capture is best way to capture your website visitors’ attention quickly. Once a visitor lands on your website the pop-up email capture form will entice them to sign up for your Newsletter by you offering them something in return.

The plugin has several themes and colors to choose from. An initial design will be selected and configured, but can be later changed if necessary.

You can offer them all types of things such as the following:

  • FREE chapter of a book or paper that you have written
  • How-To Instructions on something that you are knowledgeable about
  • Tips on topics you want to share
  • Discounts on future purchases

Campaign Support & Training Lite

This service is to allow you to get started on the right foot. You will receive 1 month of support from Silver Knight Solutions via a screen share as you explore your way around sending out newsletters. Beyond the one month support you will still have access to Constant Contact support number. Plus you will have access to all of their Training Videos, Webinars, and PDF documents.

Here is an over view of the Support and Training you will receive:

  • A One Hour, one-on-one training session conducted via a screen sharing program.
  • Availability for one month to answer questions as you begin your first newsletter campaign
  • Support Methods:
    • Email
    • Phone calls (may need to be scheduled)
    • Screen Share (via

NOTE: You will always have access to Constant Contact’s library of Video and Webinar Trainings. Plus you can call their support number. The Constant Contact support and help files are included with your paid subscription.

Campaign Execution

Campaign Execution sends out your newsletters on your behalf. Your time is important, and sending out Newsletter campaigns sometimes takes more time than you have available. This service frees you up to get back to your business at hand. All you need to do is supply your content and images. The Campaign Execution service will do the rest. There two types of Campaign Execution. One campaign copy’s your existing Campaign Template, and the other will start with a New Template and modify the colors as necessary. The following list shows the tasks performed for each of the Campaign Execution Services.

Both Campaigns – New and Copy Template

  • Upload any new contact lists from other sources
  • Upload and format the client provided content
  • Upload, resize, and properly label the client provided images
  • Create user friendly Subject Line
  • Add/update the Permission reminder message
  • Add Coupon’s if applicable
  • Add Subscribe to Newsletter link
  • Add Forward to Friend Link
  • Run a sample test to ensure all links are working correctly and images are displaying correctly.
  • Run CAN/SPAM test
  • Schedule and send email campaign
  • Select template from template library
  • Modify existing color scheme to closely match Website or clients request
  • Copy existing template to a New Campaign
  • Replace all existing content with new client supplied content
  • Replace all existing images with new client supplied images and resize

New Campaign Template

  • Select template from template library
  • Modify existing color scheme to closely match Website or clients request

Copy Existing Campaign Template

  • Copy existing template to a New Campaign
  • Replace all existing content with new client supplied content
  • Replace all existing images with new client supplied images and resize


Customized Template & Branding

Newsletter TemplateLet a professional design your email template. Tell us what you need from your email template, and our professional graphic designers will create a one-of-a-kind template with your logo and colors, designed to your specifications. It’s all in our Design & Build service.


Ongoing Campaign Execution/ Support

You can send out email campaigns on your own, or have Silver Knight Solutions send them for you.

To send them yourself you may need to get the Light Support and Training plan for a month, just to get you started on the right track.

To have Silver Knight send out your newsletters, all you need to do is provide the content and images for each new newsletter and we’ll do the rest. We’ll make sure that you approve of the final layout before sending out any campaign.

There are also Package Discounts for Support and On-going Campaign Execution. We can talk about those when you are ready to begin sending the newsletter on a regular basis.



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