Advanced Release Therapy – Lori Zeltwanger

Advanced Release Therapy – Lori Zeltwanger

Lori Zeltwanger, PT is a licensed physical therapist, best selling author, and owner of Advanced Release Therapy in Sedona, AZ, specializing in pain release and women’s health.  Lori has mastered the ability to assess and listen to your body’s needs during each treatment. She gently and gracefully facilitates the letting go of physical, emotional and energetic restrictions that you no longer need and nurtures the emergence of your potential.

She masterfully applies her therapeutic art facilitating thousands of individuals on their path to pain release and greater well being through her divinely designed Pelvis Wellness Retreats and individualized Myofascial Intensive treatment programs.

She is a best selling author contributing to the book Answering the Call, with her expertise on Pelvis Wellness.

Lori is the founder of Z-way Trainings inspiring therapists who want to make a difference in people’s lives be able to do just that in a deeply connected way.

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