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Greg was so consistently kind and patient with me, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate him.

When I realized just how excellent Greg is with communication, I realized that he was the person not only to help with the new website for my book ( but also to help me rebuild my old website.

Because of Greg’s excellent communication, excellent interpersonal skills, great patience and great website work, I was finally able to send out my very own newsletter this December and I am at last being able to take my main website…

When you are trying to figure out something completely new and are already overwhelmed and intimidated with all the new information, it is so helpful to have kind and patient people to work with who are also excellent at what they do.

Thank you thank you thank you!!! W love

– Catherine

Catherine Carrigan

Medical Intuitive Healer, Unlimited Energy Now

I have worked with Greg for many years. He is consistently more knowledgeable than anyone else I have consulted about the workings of my website and the internet world I interface with. He is great with design, always reliable, available, and responsive to any question or issue.

He has been a lifesaver for me with my new website. Greg just does excellent work! Highly highly recommend!

Phyllis Leavitt

Author ~ Psychotherapist ~ Speaker,

Greg demonstrated exceptional professional expertise, patience and guidance to me, a “non techie”, throughout the process of developing and maintaining my website.

He communicated clearly, taking the time to address questions, concerns or offer follow up.  The Silver Knight services regarding website maintenance, billing, upgrades, etc. are automated and provide a great benefit in keeping the site functioning optimally.

Greg follows up personally if deadlines are missed or issues arise. I highly recommend Greg and Silver Knight to anyone looking for outstanding service and professionalism in building, developing and maintaining their web site.

Deborah Shining Star

Author and Healer, LightHeart Publishing, LLC

I recently told Greg that he was “Practically Perfect in Every Way”.  Now, please know, I don’t just give that award out willy-nilly.  I call it the Mary Poppins Award…as she was Practically Perfect in Every Way.”

Greg, as Webmaster,  certainly fills the requirements of my “Award”, in that he is nothing short of “perfect” to work with on a regular basis.  He is knowledgeable, concerned about our business, thorough, and timely.

Silk ShimmerZ has been privileged to work with Greg with since 2012, after having had more than one experience with those unqualified to earn the “Practically Perfect in Every Way” Award.

Tom and I would highly recommend Greg to those looking for Web Support of any kind.  He knows, or will find out, what you need to know!!!  Count on it!!!

Karen & Tom
Silk ShimmerZ, Int.

Karen & Tom

Owner, Silk ShimmerZ, Int.


Been to the website. I almost feel like you have become “my ghost writer.” You are capturing my spirit…right on!


Kathleen Callanan

DNA Consultant, A KJC Web Endeavor

Working with Greg is a true pleasure.

He knows how to teach about websites and what needs to be done.

He is patient and understanding. Always ready to help in whatever way I have needed!

Thank you Greg!

Toni Luisa Rivera, DC

Doctor of Chiropractic and Author, Intuition Mastery

Silver Knight has been a great company to work with, especially Greg!

He has always responded quickly to requests and ensured that my two websites have remained updated and fully functioning.

Over the years, Greg has been more of a friend than support personnel; I have full confidence that he takes personal responsibility for the performance of our business websites.

Thanks, Silver Knight (Greg) for all you do.

Duke Ayers

Greg and Silver Knight Solutions has made the difference for me in the development of my website and launching my blog.

Not only has he helped me see it to fruition he has taught me along the way so that I wont’ be as helpless in the future.

For example, I was able to create a photo gallery for my book and produce my own newsletter.

In addition to being a patient teacher, Greg has been dependable and available, two things which are critical for my business!


Barbara Bras


I have been working with Greg on the website for my book and yarn art for almost a year and his work is top notch.

He is thorough and explains things in a way that is easy to understand. He is patient and a good teacher.

I highly recommend Greg and Silver Knight for website development and support as well as Word Press.

Helene F Uhlfelder, PhD.

Author, Purple Zebra ProductionZ

Greg was instrumental in helping me transition from a career as a full-time professor to being self-employed after my department closed. Coming from academia, I felt confident in my skill set, but not in how to share it with others to create a community of classes. Not only did he help with all aspects of creating a website; but also the little details of business accounts, e-mail addresses, a PO box, and why having an LLC is important. Above all, though, is his gift of patience and kindness. Not only had my career ended, but I was losing my only parent to cancer. He was compassionate and understanding when I just wanted to give up or didn’t understand the world of websites. He was always available when I had questions or needed to make changes. Five-star quality and care!

Marisha Fortner-Schmidt M.A.

Health Coach

Having been in business for 20 years, I have worked with a variety of web consultants and always found them lacking UNTIL I MET GREG.

Greg epitomizes the “complete” web consultant. From the start, I felt like Greg was on my team. 

I was already working with a graphic designer and we had some ideas about how the site should look. Greg was fantastic. He got along with my graphic designer; he carefully listened to our ideas; and he could explain “All Things Computer” to me (since I had no clue). 

What I like about Greg is that he always got back to me promptly.  I found Greg to be professional, considerate, and caring.   I look forward to continuing to work with Greg as both my business and I grow.   

Kimberly Miles


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