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Working with Greg and SilverKnight Solutions has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Prior to working with Greg, my website was like an elephant with 12 moving parts, all out of sync. Greg quickly transformed my web page into both a functioning and approachable webpage at an entirely reasonable cost. He is patient, present, and always willing to discuss things with me.

I value his opinion and expertise, and have allowed him to guide me through options and choices as the web page became more streamlined. Greg is always looking for the best and least expensive way to address web page updates, new plugins, and changes. Furthermore, he is so in the know for any author out there wanting an author web page.

Thanks Greg!!


Wendy Slater

Owner, Traduka LLC

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I have been working with Greg on the website for my book and yarn art for almost a year and his work is top notch. He is thorough and explains things in a way that is easy to understand. He is patient and a good teacher. I highly recommend Greg and Silver Knight for website development and support as well as Word Press.

Helene F Uhlfelder, PhD.

Author, Purple Zebra ProductionZ

At Mule and Muse Productions we pride ourselves in our diverse and outstanding team of partners who help us offer many creative products (Radio shows, Hardback books, ebooks, audiobooks, Newsletters, videos and public speaking engagements).  Greg is a vital part of our team.  We have worked with Silver Knight Solutions since 2012 and are thrilled with his services.  Greg’s customer service, exceptional prompt and professional communications, and expertise is consistently top quality and state of the art.  Greg is also personable and has a keen attention to details which makes him a delight to work on projects large and small.  You can count on Silver Knight Solutions.

~ Sincerely, Barb and Lois

Barb Rentenbach & Lois Prislovsky, Ph.D

CEO & President , respectively, Mule and Muse Productions

We’ve just finished our phone call – and I want to say again how great it is to work with you. Karen and I had previously experienced a variety of web development “Professionals” each of whom were expensive, hair pulling, disappointments.

You, by comparison, know what you are doing – get it done quickly and are easy to communicate with – even for someone like me who is on the vertical climb of the learning curve.

You are making a pleasant experience out of what could have been a very miserable process.

So, One more time… Thank You!

Tom Carroll

Author, Sacred Space

Silver Knight Solutions is the perfect partner for anyone who needs to get their website up and running as well as maintained and professionally developed. I can only say good things about the responsive manner in which my creative vision and business account have been handled. From the smallest detail to the larger concepts support is always available. Out of a five stars, I give Silver Knight Solutions six.

Joan Shaver, LMFT

Wonder of Women

I recently told Greg that he was “Practically Perfect in Every Way”.  Now, please know, I don’t just give that award out willy-nilly.  I call it the Mary Poppins Award…as she was Practically Perfect in Every Way.”

Greg, as Webmaster,  certainly fills the requirements of my “Award”, in that he is nothing short of “perfect” to work with on a regular basis.  He is knowledgeable, concerned about our business, thorough, and timely.

Silk ShimmerZ has been privileged to work with Greg with since 2012, after having had more than one experience with those unqualified to earn the “Practically Perfect in Every Way” Award.

Tom and I would highly recommend Greg to those looking for Web Support of any kind.  He knows, or will find out, what you need to know!!!  Count on it!!!

Karen & Tom
Silk ShimmerZ, Int.

Karen & Tom

Owner, Silk ShimmerZ, Int.

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